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Use my voice to raise your project to a different level. It’s been utilised in a multitude of projects of all sizes and in most formats, including; television, animation, radio adverts, telephone message systems, corporate training videos and much more. You can request a free demo of your script today.

I’m a pro voice artist with a career spanning eighteen years. I have an impressive work history, which includes hundreds of commercials, feature films, animation, television, radio and corporate training. I offer a versatile voice with a dazzling array of characters, from RP to conversational guy-next-door. I take direction well and can adjust the tone of my voice to suit the needs of your project. If you need a fast turn-around or have a tight deadline, you’ll be pleased to know that the home studio means more than half of my jobs are voiced and returned the same day, and sent back within a few hours by .aiff, .wav or .mp3 via a dropbox link.

Versatile Voice

I have a regionally neutral native British voice. Naturally warm, lively and conversational with bags of enthusiasm! Providing cool, confident to authorative reads, and upbeat to comedic tones. Rich and resonant with a likeable, reassuring quality. It’s ideal for commercials, documentaries, character voices and hard sell.

Recorded Output

I have a professional purpose-built home-studio with Róde’s microphone, pre-amps and interface, recording in an acoustically treated space. Editing on Mac with Logic Pro, which guarantees a high-quality recording and rapid turn-around for your project with unlimited pick-ups, sent to you via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Request a Demo

For style approval, you can request a voice demo for a section of your script prior to booking. This has become a popular way for clients to actually hear their script come to life, rather than listening to a random voicereel. With no cost incurred, you can absolutely be sure that my voice is right, saving you time and money. 

Mike Jelves - Director, Jellyfielders

“Paul is a consummate professional, always happy to try different things and takes direction very well. He is a pleasure to have on set and performs to a high standard, to which everyone raises their game.”

Lydia Kurnia - Casting Director, Australia

“Paul provided a fantastic demo for our voiceover work. He was able to interpret the short script perfectly even without direction. Highly recommended!”

Matt Morris - Media Manager, Gov Radio

“We’ve been using Paul Becque to voice our wide range of adverts and call to action for quite a while now and his level of professionalism is second to none. He’s quick off the mark, has great grasp and understanding of the brief and most importantly can express a wide range of tones and voices to match the needs of our portfolio of clients. He always goes the extra mile. Mr Becque is one of the best!”

Phil Berridge - Executive Producer, Creative Junkie Media

“Paul is incredibly talented presenter and VO artist. He’s works hard and very easy to work with. He follows direction superbly and follows the creative direction throughout the whole production process. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Lloyd Morgan - Web Designer & Video Producer

“5 stars. Great service, happy to go the extra mile to ensure the voiceover was right. Will use again. Thanks.”

Adam Tate - Director, iSky Video

“Paul went beyond what we expected, delivering us an excellent quality recording with several different styles of readings. The final version lent our video a rich, warm narration that ties it together perfectly and brings just the voice quality we needed. It was a pleasure collaborating with Paul, and we’re looking forward to the next opportunity to use his vocal talents again!”

Edward Keeley - Supervising Director, A1 Broadcasting

“Paul has a fantastic work ethic which shines thorough in all his projects. Not only does he deliver excellent work but he is a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to everyone.”

Want to Hear More…

Step 1

Get in Touch

Describe your project in as much detail as possible, including notes on tone, energy and the style you have in mind. Share your budget when planned, and if possible include a sample of your script so that a demo of the read can be provided. When possible, I will contact you with a quote and a sample recording of your script within hours.

Step 2

Provide the Script

Ensure the final script is 100% correct because any alternations after this point may incur additional charges to the original quote. I will record the full script and send you an .aiff, .wav or .mp3 of the recording with a copy of my invoice. Finetuning the recording is still free-of-charge at this point, so please ensure you’re satisfied with the edit.

Step 3

Pay when Satisfied

If you feel that the read is not quite right, or something is mispronounced then email back with specific re-recording instructions. I will re-record as per your request and send through the revised file(s). You only pay once you’re satisfied with the recording which means you’re likely to save time and keep your budget on track.

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