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Paul has embraced his passion for travel, people, philosophy, hospitality and media and combined them with his natural enthusiasm, warmth and charisma, to provide clients from around the world with a wealth of experience and an array of skills which have enabled him to live a life filled with creativity.

For more than 30 years, Paul has enjoyed a colourful career in the entertainment industry and has an impressive work history, which includes hundreds of commercials, animation, feature films, theatre and radio. Today, Paul is a regular presenter on UK television, every week voices a variety of international projects from his home studio, hosts corporate events nationwide, facilitates training in sales, speaking and presenting, whilst pursuing his passion for coaching individuals and companies to thrive in all aspects of their lives, both at home and work.


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Biography of Paul Becque

It is Intresting how Paul stated his currier as a 20 year old young boy and in only 2 years he managed to become the youngest Cruise Director in the world.
and from there he never stopped and keeps on Doing amazing job at many Industries.

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