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For more than 30 years, I enjoyed a colourful career in the entertainment industry and accumulated an impressive work history, which includes hundreds of commercials, animation, feature films, theatre and radio. Today, I am a regular Presenter on UK tv, each week I voice a variety of projects from my pro’ home-studio, host corporate events nationwide, facilitate training in sales, presenting and public speaking, whilst pursuing my deep penchant for coaching individuals and groups in an effort to assist them thrive in all aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally.

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My Journey

Despite my French surname, Becque (pronounced Beck), I was born in Dover, England. As a child, I repeatedly performed on stage in London and travelled Europe in various productions for the National Youth Theatre. I went on to study my craft professionally by working for a local repertory theatre company.

In 1986, I headed to the Caribbean, working for Costa Cruises as an entertainer. The passengers clearly enjoyed my enthusiastic personality and this showbiz experience changed my outlook on life, forever! After completing a two-year apprenticeship, as just twenty-two, I became the youngest Cruise Director in the world.

Costa Cruises
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Travelling the Planet

After six amazing years at sea, I took my webbed-feet ashore and spent a year in Miami and Mexico, before moving to Los Angeles to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Art. After graduating, I appeared in various theatre productions, including a six-month run of “Wuthering Heights” and “Miss Julie”, whilst working on two projects for Universal Studios. I loved every minute of it and return to L.A. whenever possible.

In 1996, I found myself flying to Greece to troubleshoot a new shipping project for Renaissance Cruises. The opportunity was too great to decline. Armed with my newly acquired Hollywood education, I was able to elevate my entertainment career at sea to new heights and soon achieved unprecedented results for four cruise lines. I was challenged by new and longer itineraries, which culminated in a sixty-day circumnavigation of South America aboard the classic liner “Stella Solaris”.

Cruising the Globe

These successes lead to a contract aboard the “Seawing” for Sun Cruises, my first line dedicated to British passengers. It was only a small ship with 800 guests aboard, but the entire Crew were dedicated to success and the entertainment package was amazing, especially when you consider the restrictive budget. The passengers loved the ship, Crew, entertainment, deck parties, food and itineraries, ensuring a good time for all. It was here that I met my wife, Helen.

Two years later, whilst cruising the Far East, I received an invitation to fly to Miami to meet with Cunard’s Head of Entertainment. Shortly afterwards, I became Cruise Director aboard the world’s most famous ocean liners; the “QE2” and the “Queen Mary 2” during her inaugural year. It was here that Paul achieved the pinnacle of his career at sea, working with the finest entertainers and facilities in the industry.

Bid tv

Transition into Television

After eighteen years of global adventure, having found himself at the very top of my field, I retired from the world of cruising to enjoy a new arena of challenges in television. In 2005, after appearances on ntl, itv and Sky, I joined the award winning team at “Bid tv” and began presenting on a full time basis, providing seventeen hours of live television each week, generating more than 5,000 hours of live tv and selling thousands of products. My dedication to the company resulted in career advancements, culminating in a Head of Channel management role.

By 2010, it was clear that the decades of study, mentoring with some of the leading personal development coaches on the planet and verifying their ideas, techniques and methods by actually living them, had paid off. As a legacy to my four children, I decided to systemise the very best of the processes and strategies that he had learned and create a step-by-step programme to success and fulfilment for others to easily follow.

Engage with Success

After eight enjoyable years on television, I decided to expand my horizons and challenge myself even further by utilising my creative skills across a broader platform. Today, I have an impressive work history, which includes hundreds of commercials, feature films, animation, television, radio and extensive shopping telly. I am a regular on television and continue to entertain nationwide audiences, as a Presenter, Voice Actor, Event Host and Success Coach.

In 2013, I began presenting with the “Ideal World” team, demonstrating everything from innovative gadgets to time-saving gizmo’s. I love the fact that I spend much of my on-air time with guest experts and celebrities, who are able to truly exhibit the unique selling points and key benefits of great quality products which are often big brands. Despite presenting in an informative manner, my enthusiasm and colourful personality permeates into the work.

Paul Becque
Paul Becque

Success and Fulfilment Coach

These proven strategies have already worked for thousands of student’s. It doesn’t matter what your background is, how old you are, what your religion is, or where you come from. These principles will change your life dramatically and provide you with the tools that you need to head in the direction of the life you desire. With my coaching, you can literally transform all areas of your life.

In my spare time, I love gardening, renovating houses, cycling, reading, spending time with my family and the beautiful surroundings of Rutland. I am dedicated to personal development and self improvement and love coaching others in an effort to help them achieve their own personal goals whilst enjoying a life of fulfilment. In short, I’m lovin’ life!

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