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I first burst onto UK television screens in 2005 and have been a permanent feature ever since. Today, I have presented more than 15,000 hours of live television, including outside, remote and international broadcast. It’s a skilled, but fun, role which requires plenty of self-confidence, interpersonal skills and the ability to work calmly under pressure. In addition to being a regular Presenter on Ideal World and itv, I am a Lead Trainer for a well-established Public Speaking Academy, coach private clients wishing to learn or improve their television skills and host a variety of corporate events.

In 2013, I became a freelance Presenter at “Ideal World”, demonstrating everything from innovative gadgets to time saving gizmo’s. I really enjoy educating and informing the audience with some fantastic guest experts and celebrities, who are able to exhibit the unique selling points and key benefits of great quality products which are more often than not, big brands. Despite presenting in an informative manner, I allow my innate enthusiasm and colourful personality to permeate into my work.


Paul is completely at home with live broadcast, whether it’s studio-based, remote or international. He’s also loves having a live audience.


Paul enjoys being infront of the camera whether it’s hosting a show, an infomercial, advert, corporate training video or social media project.


Paul is quick to learn a script, but is equally happy to improvise, use idiot boards, autocue or be led by cues over talkback, you choose.

Live Broadcast

Providing live television can be really good fun. It’s exciting and often seat0of-the pants stuff. However, without careful planning an exceptional skills, it can go horribly wrong. Understanding how to work creatively with unpredictability is key. With 18 years of consistent practice, I’m comfortable calling myself an expert.

Recorded Output

Being in front of the camera for interviews and corporate presentations requires two sets of skills. Presenting information clearly and effectively is key to getting your message across. However, you’ll also need to hit your marks, use eye lines, and create a fresh performance for each take the Director requires.

Autocue Skills

Used correctly, a telepromter can be very effective. instead of struggling for the right words, the Presenter can concentrate on being relaxed, credible and believeable. this can be particularly important when legal or financial requirements are paramount, and each word of the script must be adhere to, ensuring total compliance.


Presenting for 18 Years

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