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If you would like Paul’s voice on your project, simply get in touch with the Contact Form or All quotes are bespoke because there are multitude of variables when producing voice-overs; format, distribution, audience, broadcast medium, usage fees etc, etc. Your quote will be based on your enquiry and all the available factors. Let’s get started…

Recordings can be supplied in most audio formats, but the most common are mp3, wav, and aiff. Any sample rate or bit depth can be supplied up to 96 khz, 24 bit. Turnaround time is usually a matter of hours for supplying audio to you from the time your confirmation email is received. Paul takes direction well and can adjust the tone of his voice to suit the needs of your project, feel free to offer as many directorial notes as you wish, regarding tone, energy and style. If you have a particular performance in mind, a link to a video/audio clip can prove helpful and time saving.

For style approval, why not have Paul record a sample of your script prior to booking?

This service is free of charge and is the perfect way for you to hear your words come to life,

and not just a listen to a random demo track. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Get in Touch

Describe your project in as much detail as possible, including notes on tone, energy and the style you have in mind. Share your budget when planned, and if possibly include a sample of your script so that a demo of the read can be provided. Paul will

contact you with a quote and a

sample recording of your script..

Pay when Satisfied

If you feel that the read is not quite right, or something is mispronounced then email back with specific re-recording instructions. Paul will re-record as per your instructions and send through the revised files. You only pay once you're satisfied with the

Recording. We’ll save you time

and money when ever possible.

Provide the Script

Ensure the final script is 100% correct because any alterations after this point may incur additional charges to the original quote. Paul will record the full script and send to you an aiff, wav or mp3 file of the recording with an invoice. Fine-tuning of the

final cut can still be provided, so

please ensure you’re satisfied.


Get in Touch

Use the Contact Form below

or email Paul and request a Skype call to discuss the project.


Provide the Script

If you find the demo recording and price acceptable, then email back and attach the final script.


Pay when Satisfied

You’ll only pay the invoice when you are completely satisfied with your recorded files.

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